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Enable push notifications for Android

Push notifications are great for real-time messaging and informing your app users that there is a new message for them.
Written by Konstantine
Updated 1 week ago

We believe that push notifications are a great way to add real-time messaging to your application and inform your app users that there is a new message came from HelpCrunch server (i.e. from your admin dashboard). It allows you to stay in touch with your users even when the application is not in the foreground. Although, HelpCrunch Mobile SDK does not necessarily require the implementation of push notifications and end users of your application will still be able to receive messages, but in this case, the end users will discover that new messages arrived only after opening HelpCrunch page.

So to add push notifications to your app, you’ll need:

1. Create or import a Firebase project:

2. Add Firebase to a Google project:

3. Add Firebase to your application (just follow the firebase instructions):

It’s quite simple – you just need to enter android package name and Firebase will figure out all other fields:

4. Then you need to add Firebase implementation to your Gradle build file:

5. You’ll need a legacy server key to push notifications to work. You can copy in Firebase → Settings → Cloud Messaging → Legacy Server Key:

6. Past the key to “Firebase / GSM API Key” field in your Android application settings at your HelpCrunch admin account (Settings page → Set up & Customize → Android APPs → Your app name):

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