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Introduction to the HelpCrunch iOS SDK

This tutorial provides you with a step-by-step guide to configuring the HelpCrunch iOS SDK in your mobile app. 
Written by Konstantine
Updated 4 days ago

You can add HelpCrunch iOS SDK to your project using CocoaPods. It requires
iOS >=10 , XCode 10 and >=Swift 4.0. Also we have dependency on
Socket.IO >= v13. Don’t worry, if you’re not using it – it will be automatically downloaded by CocoaPods. We support both ObjectiveC and Swift apps.

If you need older version, that is written in objc and can be installed without CocoaPods, check here

We will start on configuring your app in your HelpCrunch profile, then proceed to implementing and configuring HelpCrunch SDK in your iOS project, and finally, we’ll describe how to create a push-enabled iOS application and send notifications to users.

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