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Change chat widget localizations for your iOS app

Follow this guide to change chat widget's texts and language for your iOS app.
Written by Konstantine
Updated 1 week ago

To be able to localize your chat in your application or change it’s texts you need to:

1. Create a “localizable.string” and select desirable localization:

2. Then add string resources to Localizable.string file with needed texts. In HelpCrunch SDK you can use these names:

"helpcrunch.chat.title" = "Help & Feedback";
"helpcrunch.chat.welcome-message" = "Your suggestions, ideas or complaints greatly help us. We'll get back to you pretty soon!";
"helpcrunch.chat.button.send" = "Send";
"helpcrunch.chat.deleted.alert.error" = "The chat was removed by agent. You'll be logged out.";
"helpcrunch.alert.title" = "Help & Feedback";
"helpcrunch.alert.button.cancel" = "Cancel";
"helpcrunch.alert.button.reply" = "Reply";
"helpcrunch.alert.button.ok" = "OK";
"helpcrunch.connection.alert.error" = "Connection Error";
"helpcrunch.connection.no-internet-connection.alert.title" = "No Internet Connection";
"helpcrunch.connection.no-internet-connection.alert.text" = "Message will be sent once connection restored";
"helpcrunch.connection.unknown-error" = "Unknown server error";
"helpcrunch.profile.title" = "Profile";
"helpcrunch.profile.enter-your-name" = "Enter your name";

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