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Change chat widget localizations for your Android app

Follow this guide to change your chat widget's texts and language.
Written by Konstantine
Updated 1 week ago

To localize chat in your application or to change its text, you will need to add string resources with this names to strings.xml of your application:

<string name="helpcrunch_message_hint">Type message</string>
<string name="helpcrunch_enter_name">Enter your name</string>
<string name="helpcrunch_notification_title" translatable="false">HelpCrunch</string>
<string name="helpcrunch_dialog_label" translatable="false">HelpCrunch</string>
<string name="new_message">New message</string>
<string name="helpcrunch_empty_message">Could you please enter your message?</string>
<string name="helpcrunch_empty_user_name">Username is empty</string>
<string name="help_crunch_ok">Ok</string>
<string name="helpcrunch_messages_get_error"><![CDATA[Unable to get messages. Please check your network connection and <b><u>try again</u></b>]]></string>
<string name="helpcrunch_messages_send_error"><![CDATA[Your message was not sent. Please check your network connection and <b><u>try again</u></b>]]></string>
<string name="helpcrunch_user_update_error"><![CDATA[Your user was not updated. Please check your network connection and <b><u>try again</u></b>]]></string>
<string name="helpcrunch_chat_welcome_message">"Your suggestions, ideas or complaints greatly help us. We'll get back to you pretty soon!"</string>
<string name="helpcrunch_permissions_ok">OK</string>
<string name="helpcrunch_permissions_cancel">Cancel</string>
<string name="helpcrunch_permissions_content">Allow file system access to improve file sharing</string>

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