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How to use REST API

Generate the key and you're good to go.
Written by Konstantine
Updated 2 months ago

HelpCrunch provides you with a public API that can be used to add and update data of your customers without having them load a HelpCrunch widget.

To enable access to your organization API, you need to get your HelpCrunch organization API key first.

You can generate it in your HelpCrunch account at Settings → Developers → Public Api Key and then copy it from the input below :

After that you need to add this key in Authorization header in your API requests like this:

Header: Authorization
Value: Bearer api-key="d0c538f41faf9c4d0c8fe7d020abca08ccb37a2f"

All your requests will be sent to your HelpCrunch organization domain to urls like this:



All customer data must be sent in JSON format inside the request body.
Check the add customer method overview below to see the full request example.
Also, check the full customer fields list.

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