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Use quick chat actions

Block person, unscubscribe, assign to a team member, delete it completely, etc.
Written by Konstantine
Updated 7 months ago

Each chat has a list of actions you can do with it.

  • Block person
    If a certain person is bothering you, you can block him/her in one sec. Choose Block person from the drop-down and all the trouble is gone – you’ll won’t receive any messages from blocked people.
  • Unsubscribe person
    If a given user doesn’t wish to receive any emails from your team, you can unsubscribe him/her from manual and automated emails. It’s also a good idea to unsubscribe users with invalid or absent email addresses.
  • Email Transcript to client
    Chat history will be delivered to the email address indicated in the profile of this visitor/user.
  • Email Transcript to me
    Chat history will be delivered to the email address indicated in My Account section – Sender Email Address.
  • Assign to me / Unassign from me
    The agent can assign or unassign the chat to/from himself. Can be re-assigned at any time.
  • Transfer chat to agent
    Transfer this chat to another agent. Chat will appear in agent’s “My Chats” page and agent name will appear in assignee column.
  • Transfer chat to department
    Transfer this chat to another department. You’ll be able to see this chat if department is selected in departments column filter.
  • Mark as unread
    Mark this chat as unread so that other agents can see it and respond.
  • Merge chat
    Merge this chat into another chat (e.g. if the same visitor started two or three different chats from different devices). 

  • Close chat
    This will close the current chat with customer. The chat history will be erased from your customer’s chat. It will still be available for you in your agent chat.
  • Delete chat
    This will delete all chat data and customer data permanently.
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