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Separate different conversations with the same user

It's better to store chat conversations separately instead of having one infinite chat thread.
Written by Konstantine
Updated 13 hours ago

All communication with a given customer can be organized either as a continuous chat and a set of separate chat conversations which can be rated by customers.

  • Continuous chat. By default, your interaction with a given customer is a continuous flow of the conversation with unlimited chat history.
  • Separate chats. You may want to treat each resolved case a support ticket like in any CRM or help desk system. To do this, you can divide your communication with a given customer into separate chats (cases). So after the customer’s problem has been resolved, the agent can close the chat and the next interaction with a visitor will become a new one.

To close the chat, click the Close button in the chat window. Your customer will be able to give a rating to this chat.

At any point of time, you can display the entire history of all conversations with a given visitor. To do so, open the chat window, find the CHATS section on the left and click #View all conversations.

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