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Resend your chat message via email if not seen

Deliver chat messages on email if customer went offline and missed them
Written by Konstantine
Updated 2 weeks ago

Let’s say you wrote something to your visitor, before he left the chat and does not return online for some time. Your messages remain unread untill he reads them in chat. So not to lose a potential customer, you can automatically resend your unread chat messages by email after a certain time lap and reactivate your communication. 

Simply go to Settings→Automations→General, Check the ON box and set the time after your chat message will be sent via email if the visitor does not read it by that time.

Include unsubscribe link to all your Email Auto Messages and Email Manual Messages to avoid getting into spam. This setting does not affect your email replies via the chat – the unsubscribe link is not added there under any circumstances.

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