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Search through your chats and contacts

All the ways to find something in the HelpCrunch dashboard.
Written by Konstantine
Updated 7 months ago

There are several ways to search for something in HelpCrunch, depending on what eaxctly you're looking for.

  • Filter by tags

    We highly recommend tagging chats and using them as filters for your chats (Read more about Tags)

  • Quick table filters

    Quick filters let you find a conversation by name, email, company etc.. and connect with a given customer in a second. There’s no need to switch between various chat windows and lists.
    To launch a search in your My Chats, All Chats and Contacts section, type a name or an email into the search field at the top right of the page and press Enter.

  • Search by chat notes

    To search by chat notes, go to Contacts section → Add criteria → Chat notes. You can use Equals / contains / Is not / has any value / is unknown parameters (Read more about chat notes)

  • Search by messages

    If you want to find a chat by some specific message, for example, all chats with keyword "Refund", you can use Search by messages

Important note: To return to the normal list of chats, you need to erase your filter field, or hit the "Reset filters" button, 

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