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Delete customer via REST API

You can delete multiple customers from HelpCrunch at once using the following REST API request.
Written by Konstantine
Updated 10 months ago

You can delete one or multiple customers the same way you add customers. The only difference is that in this case you should use DELETE method. This will completely and permanently delete all customer data including the chat history.

You can pass id, user_id or email address (or all of them) in your request and this will delete all corresponding customers.

Important note:
If you have several customers in your database with the same email address – we’ll delete all of them.

Important note:
This operation is permanent and there is no way to restore the deleted data and the chat history.

Url: https://your-organization.helpcrunch.com/api/public/customers
Method: DELETE
Headers: Authorization: Bearer api-key=”842699d800d4df44831d8968ecfda46367717109″
Body (JSON):

    ”userId”: ['123', '1234', ….],
    ”email”: ['test@example.com', 'one.more.test@example.com', …],
    ”id”: [123123123, 123123124, …]



  • You will get “200 Customers 1231341, 1231321 removed”, where 1231341 and 1231321 are customer ids, if everything is okay
  • You will get “404 Customer could not be found” if a customer does not exist or if you sent no data
  • You will get “401 Unauthorized” if api-key in Authorization header is wrong or absent
  • You will get “422 Unprocessable Entity” and “Request is not valid. Syntax error” if you use wrong customer data structure
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