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Get your agents info via REST API

You can get your team data from HelpCrunch using the following method.
Written by Konstantine
Updated 1 year ago

You can get data about your team from HelpCrunch REST API. For example, you want to make a dashboard with active agents, so you can see if no agents are online and show a red light on your office monitor screen.

You’ll need to make API request like one below and check an “offline” field:

Url: https://your-organization.helpcrunch.com/api/public/agents
Method: GET
Headers: Authorization: Bearer api-key=”842699d800d4df44831d8968ecfda46367717109″


"id": 1395,
"login": "agent@example.com",
"email": "agent@example.com",
"name": "Test Agent",
"role": "agent",
"disabled": false,
"mail_from": "agent@somedomain.helpcrunch.com",
"mail_from_name": "Test Agent",
"default_mail_subject": "You have a new message from Test Agent",
"reply_to": "agent@somedomain.helpcrunch.com",
"reply_to_name": "Test Agent",
"info_boxes": [],
"chat_rating_counters": {
"total": 2,
"great": 2,
"average": 0,
"poor": 0
"visible_in_chat": true,
"departments": [
"online": false

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