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How to use REST API

Generate the key and you're good to go.
Written by Konstantine
Updated 1 year ago

HelpCrunch provides you with a public API that can be used to add and update data of your customers without having them load a HelpCrunch widget.

To enable access to your organization API, you need to get your HelpCrunch organization API key first.

You can generate it in your HelpCrunch account at Settings → Developers → Public Api Key and then copy it from the input below :

After that you need to add this key in Authorization header in your API requests like this:

Header: Authorization
Value: Bearer api-key="d0c538f41faf9c4d0c8fe7d020abca08ccb37a2f"

All your requests will be sent to your HelpCrunch organization domain to urls like this:



All customer data must be sent in JSON format inside the request body.
Check the add customer method to see the full request example.

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