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Change the color scheme of your chat widget

You can use one of our predefined themes or configure your chat appearance by yourself!
Written by Alex
Updated 2 months ago

HCTheme.Builder is pretty self-explanatory. To change how a chat screen looks like, you can use one of the three methods. They will return the instance of HCTheme, which you can configure in any way you want.

Default theme


Dark theme


Custom main color theme

HCTheme.Builder(R.color.main_color, shouldPaintIconsAutomatically: true)



HCTheme theme = new HCTheme.Builder(HCTheme.DEFAULT).build()

HCOptions options = new HCOptions.Builder()

HelpCrunch.showChatScreen(context, options);


val theme = HCTheme.Builder(HCTheme.DEFAULT).build()

val options = HCOptions.Builder()

HelpCrunch.showChatScreen(context, options)

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