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🔑 Install HelpCrunch

All the ways to integrate HelpCrunch with your website or app

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⚙️ Set up your account

So, you've installed HelpCrunch on your website. Now what?

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✨ HelpCrunch AI Suite

Elevate customer support with next-gen intelligent HelpCrunch tools.

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📥 Shared inbox

The ultimate stop for all your conversations with customers

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🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Contacts

Use HelpCrunch to keep all your clients and leads in one place and manage them effectively

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💬 Widget

Here's how to customize, set up and use the HelpCrunch chat widget

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🤖 Chatbot

Qualify leads, automate daily routine

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📬 Auto and manual messages

Send chat and email messages on your own terms

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📚 Knowledge Base

Have any questions regarding our Knowledge Base?

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📊 Reports

Measure your success in HelpCrunch

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🤝 Integrations

BTW, you can integrate HelpCrunch with your favorite tools

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✋ FAQ and Troubleshooting

Simple answers to some common customer service questions

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💾 JavaScript API

User authentication, custom data & widget controlling

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Control customers, chats, messages and more programmatically or sync data with third-party services.

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🔗 Webhooks

Add integrations and automate your use cases with real-time updates from your HelpCrunch account

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Add our chat widget to your iOS app and set it up in any way you want using our iOS SDK

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🤖 Android SDK

Add our chat widget to your Android app and set it up in any way you want using our Android SDK

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