Integrate HelpCrunch with Fluid

Integrate HelpCrunch with Fluid and use it as Mac OS app.
Written by Konstantine
Updated 2 years ago

With Fluid App, you can turn any website into a real Mac OS application, so you can directly launch it from your desktop, Dock or Launchpad without sifting through different tabs in your browser.

1. Go to Fluid App and download the free version.

2. Install Fluid. Simply move it to your Applications folder. To make it appear in Dock, just drag and drop it there.

3. Launch Fluid and fill in the form below. Write HelpCrunch’s URL and name, and choose the Applications folder for saving your HelpCrunch Fluid app. Now, click Other from the drop-down menu and upload HelpCrunch icon to Fluid.

Note: To get our icon, just right click on the logo here below and save it to your computer.

Wohoo! You’re all set! HelpCrunch is now available to you as a standalone application.

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