Advanced knowledge base settings for SEO and social media

SEO, social media, and Google Analytics.
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If you go to Knowledge Base → Settings → Advanced Settings, you'll see some SEO and social media tweaks for your entire knowledge base.

The most important one is probably a tiny little checkbox called 'Knowledge base indexing'. If you want your knowledge base to be indexed by search engines, you need to check this box.


Please note that if the 'Knowledge base indexing' checkbox is unchecked, your knowledge base articles won't be crawled by search engines and will not appear in search results.

SEO settings

After you turn on the indexing option, you can specify all the SEO data you need for your knowledge base main page — its meta description and target keywords.

Also, if you want to be able to track your knowledge base traffic in Google Analytics, copy your Google Analytics ID and paste it to the corresponding field in the Knowledge Base advanced settings.

Make sure to generate a Global Site Tag (UA tracking code) according to this article

Social media settings

You can also specify the social title and description for your knowledge base as well as upload a custom image for social media.

Please be aware that when you upload a social image, It may not be immediately visible in Telegram messenger due to the Telegram cache.
In order to solve this, go to @webpagebot, click "Start," and enter the URL of your knowledge base.
After hitting Enter, the image will be refreshed in all Telegram chats, including past ones.
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