Custom KB domain with AWS & SSL

Route 53, Cloudfront, SSL certs and you.
Written by Konstantine
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Let's say you've got your domain:

You want to use to point to your HelpCrunch knowledge base at

The short of it:

  • Create a CloudFront distribution that points to (AWS calls this the 'origin') while also creating an SSL cert for your domain.
  • Using Route 53, create an A record that points to your newly created CloudFront distribution.


1. Head over to CloudFront and create a new distribution:

Most of your settings here will be the defaults, except:

  • Origin domain:
  • Protocol: HTTPS only

2. For the Default cache behavior section, here are some changes to the defaults:

3. Then a little further down, we want legacy cache settings and set everything to All:

4. Now the Settings section is where we add our desired endpoint domain:

5. Right below that is the SSL part, request a cert there:

6. Now create that distribution.

Route 53

1. Head over to your Route 53 and create a new record under your domain (in our case,

2. Values to change:

  • Record name: help
  • Record type: A
  • Route traffic: Alias

3. When you change route traffic to alias, you'll be able to select Alias to CloudFront distribution. Use their dropdown to find your distribution (something like

4. Save that record and after everything propagates, you should have a clean-looking redirect to your HelpCrunch knowledge base.

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