Insert videos, images, code samples, tables into your article

Add additional elements to make your articles even more helpful.
Written by Konstantine
Updated 3 months ago

You can enhance your knowledge base articles by adding videos, images, horizontal line separators, code snippets or tables to them. Simply hit Enter — and you'll see a context menu with the corresponding options.


You can add images with the help of HelpCrunch image editor and crop them right there.

You can add images from different sources: your hard drive, your computer's camera, via a URL. You can even connect a Google account to add images from Google Drive or Google Photos, or your Facebook account to add images from Instagram or Facebook.


You can add a video by inserting its direct URL or embed code from YouTube and Vimeo. 


You can add a code sample to your knowledge base article. Don't forget to select a programming language from the drop-down list to add a code snippet in it.


Pick the number of columns and rows, and set the table's border width and do whatever you want with your table in the 'Table properties' window.

Horizontal Line separators

Simply hit enter to call the context menu and choose the horizontal line. Visual division of the page content might be very useful for long articles, and not only.

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