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Change the color scheme of your chat widget

You can use one of our predefined themes or configure your chat appearance by yourself!
Written by Andrew
Updated 1 year ago

To change how a chat screen looks like, you can use one of the three methods. They will return the instance of HCSTheme, which you can configure in any way you want.

+ (HCSTheme *)lightTheme;
+ (HCSTheme *)darkTheme;

Default Light theme:

Dark theme:

After you make all necessary changes you want, use + (void)bindTheme:(HCSTheme *)theme; to apply your custom theme to the SDK. For instance:


HCSTheme *theme = [HelpCrunch lightTheme];
theme.chatArea.dateColor = [UIColor redColor];
[HelpCrunch bindTheme:theme];


let theme = HelpCrunch.lightTheme()
theme.chatArea.dateColor = UIColor.red

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