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Custom KB domain with AWS & SSL

Route 53, Cloudfront, SSL certs and you.
Written by Konstantine
Updated 1 month ago

Let's say you've got your domain: yourdomain.com.

You want to use help.yourdomain.com to point to your HelpCrunch knowledge base at yourdomain.crunch.help.

The short of it:

  • Create a CloudFront distribution that points to yourdomain.crunch.help (AWS calls this the 'origin') while also creating an SSL cert for your help.yourdomain.com domain.
  • Using Route 53, create an A record that points to your newly created CloudFront distribution.


1. Head over to CloudFront and create a new distribution:

Most of your settings here will be the defaults, except:

  • Origin domain: yourdomain.crunch.help
  • Protocol: HTTPS only

2. For the Default cache behavior section, here are some changes to the defaults:

3. Then a little further down, we want legacy cache settings and set everything to All:

4. Now the Settings section is where we add our desired endpoint domain:

5. Right below that is the SSL part, request a cert there:

6. Now create that distribution.

Route 53

1. Head over to your Route 53 and create a new record under your domain (in our case, yourdomain.com):

2. Values to change:

  • Record name: help
  • Record type: A
  • Route traffic: Alias

3. When you change route traffic to alias, you'll be able to select Alias to CloudFront distribution. Use their dropdown to find your distribution (something like sample_tmdwu4gkc20.cloudfront.net.)

4. Save that record and after everything propagates, you should have a clean-looking redirect to your HelpCrunch knowledge base.

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