Visual editor toolbar, explained

The visual email editor by HelpCrunch has all the necessary tools for composing that nice and sweat email.
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Following tools are at your disposal while creating email templates. The number of tools may vary depending on the message type (chat/email).

1. Template color selector. First choose a template.

2. Undoes the last action.

3. Redoes/Repeats the last action, N/A which has been undone.

4. Font Size Menu – Sets the font size.

5. Bolds selected text.

6. Italicizes selected text.

7. Underlines selected text.

8. Text Color (foreground) button – Changes the foreground color of the selected text.

9. Text Color (background) button – Changes the background color of the selected text.

10. Aligns the selected text to left, right, or both sides.

11. Creates a bulleted list.

12. Creates a numbered list.

13. Moves an indented section of text one tab to the left.

14. Indents the selected text by one tab.

15. Inserts or edits a link. Select the text you wish to make a Hyperlink.

16. Inserts or edits images or attachments attachments to email. After clicking you’ll be asked to upload some attachment file and paste its link. Attachment size limit is 10Mb.

17. Insert user attribute (e.g. First name, email, company...)
To specify an alternative option for the user attribute - use this construction:{first_name, "there"}. Second parameter will be displayed in case if first one is not available (in case of anonymous users for example).

18. Edit the HTML source code.

19. View page in preview mode, as it will be displayed to the customer.

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