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Change your chat widget's localization

Provide multilingual support.
Written by Andrew
Updated 3 months ago

To be able to localize your chat in your application or change its texts, follow these steps:

1. Create a “localizable.string” and select desirable localization:

2. Then, add string resources to the Localizable.string file with required texts. In the HelpCrunch SDK, you can use the following names:

"helpcrunch.navigation.button.close" = "Close";
"helpcrunch.attachment.photo" = "Take a Photo";
"helpcrunch.attachment.library" = "Select from a Library";
"helpcrunch.attachment.file" = "Select file";
"helpcrunch.attachment.cancel" = "Cancel";
"helpcrunch.agent.agents" = "Agents";
"helpcrunch.agent.is-typing" = "%@ is typing...";
"helpcrunch.agent.are-typing" = "%@ are typing...";
"helpcrunch.agent.and-more" = " and %i more";
"helpcrunch.chat.file.uploaded" = "uploaded";
"helpcrunch.chat.file.downloaded" = "downloaded";
"helpcrunch.chat.alert.deleted" = "The chat was removed by agent. You'll be logged out.";
"helpcrunch.chat.alert.filesize-exceeded" = "You can't send files bigger than 16 MB.";
"helpcrunch.alert.button.ok" = "OK";
"helpcrunch.connection.unknown-error" = "Oops, something went wrong";
"helpcrunch.prechatForm.name" = "Name";
"helpcrunch.prechatForm.email" = "Email";
"helpcrunch.prechatForm.company" = "Company";
"helpcrunch.prechatForm.phone" = "Phone number";
"helpcrunch.prechatForm.continue" = "Continue";
"helpcrunch.prechatForm.top-message" = "We respond within 2 minutes most of the time. Otherwise, we'll drop you an email.";
"helpcrunch.chat.waiting-message" = "Searching for a free agent. Please hold on.";
"helpcrunch.chat.message-placeholder" = "Type message";

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