Track custom events in your Android app

Screen open/closed, new message arrived, first message sent, following a link, and other custom events.
Written by Alex
Updated 2 months ago

You can send any activities performed by users in your mobile app to HelpCrunch.

For example, you can track how users navigate through your mobile app, what screens users visit, what goods users have added to their shopping cart, what goods users have purchased in your app, etc. Just submit an event using the trackEvent: method. This will associate the event with the currently logged-in user and send it to HelpCrunch.

Once you start sending this data to HelpCrunch, events will be tracked and shown in a customer's profile with the most recent events on top:

HelpCrunch.trackEvent("Event name", "some url", "url title"); 

Url” and “url title” fields are optional.

In recent versions, the ability to transfer custom data sets has also been added:

Map<String, Object> eventData = new HashMap<>();

HelpCrunch.trackEvent("Event name", eventData);

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