Migrate from the iOS SDK 2.x to 3.x

This article provides all the necessary guidelines for migration from the HelpCrunch iOS SDK 2.x to the iOS SDK 3.x.
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The latest major version of the HelpCrunch iOS SDK is v3.

If you're currently using the v2 SDK for your iOS application, it is important that you migrate to the v3 SDK so that your app will have all the newest features.

Please note that the HelpCrunch iOS SDK 1.0 and 2.0 are discontinued and won't be supported any longer. We recommend you to switch to the version 3.x.x as soon as possible.

One of the biggest changes of the v3 SDK is the new chats screen, where your users can have separate conversations with your support.

Main changes

HelpCrunch classes

1. The numberOfUnreadMessages class has changed to the numberOfUnreadChats and now indicates the number of unread chats, not messages. One chat can contain multiple messages.

2. The notification event HCSUnreadMessagesNotification has changed to the HCSUnreadChatsNotification.

3. The isInitialized class was removed and replaced with the state Enum, which gives you more power over the reaction to different SDK states. In addition, we've added the HCSStateChangedNotification notification for any state change.


The defaultTheme is deprecated for the v3 SDK, so the lightTheme is default now.

Themer properties were separated into different subclasses inside the HCSTheme:

  • HCSThemeChats *chats;
  • HCSThemeNavigationBar *navigationBar;
  • HCSThemeChatArea *chatArea;
  • HCSThemeSendMessageArea *sendMessageArea;
  • HCSThemePrechatForm *prechatForm;

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