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Update customers in bulk
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You can update a number of customers at once with this method. If you want to update just one customer, it's better to use Update customer method.

➡️ Request

Method PUT
Headers Authorization: Bearer <your_api_key>

Read more about authorization header here.

Request Body Example

        "customer": 8740917,
        "name": "Jason Mason",
        "company": "OWL",
        "phone": "+19293945832",
        "locale": "en",
        "city": "London"
        "customer": 8740928,
        "phone": "+13195942443"

Customer id is the identifier for the customer as given by HelpCrunch and is required for this method.


  • You should specify at least one customer in the request body.
  • Maximum number of customers you can add to the request body is 10. In order to update a bigger amount of customers - send a number of separate requests.
  • The overall requests limit is 120 per minute

Response, errors and tips

Except the request body structure and limits, this method is the same with Update customer method. Check it out for more information.

If you have any questions regarding the REST API, feel free to chat us any time.

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