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Change your chat widget's localization

Provide multilingual support.
Written by Andrew
Updated 21 hours ago

To be able to localize your chat in your application or change its texts, follow these steps:

1. Create a “localizable.string” and select desirable localization:

2. Then, add string resources to the Localizable.string file with required texts. In the HelpCrunch SDK, you can use the following names:

"helpcrunch.navigation.button.close" = "Close";
"helpcrunch.attachment.photo" = "Take a Photo";
"helpcrunch.attachment.library" = "Select from a Library";
"helpcrunch.attachment.file" = "Select file";
"helpcrunch.attachment.cancel" = "Cancel";
"helpcrunch.agent.agents" = "Agents";
"helpcrunch.agent.is-typing" = "%@ is typing...";
"helpcrunch.agent.are-typing" = "%@ are typing...";
"helpcrunch.agent.and-more" = " and %i more";
"helpcrunch.chat.file.uploaded" = "uploaded";
"helpcrunch.chat.file.downloaded" = "downloaded";
"helpcrunch.chat.alert.deleted" = "The chat was removed by agent. You'll be logged out.";
"helpcrunch.chat.alert.filesize-exceeded" = "You can't send files bigger than 16 MB.";
"helpcrunch.alert.button.ok" = "OK";
"helpcrunch.connection.unknown-error" = "Oops, something went wrong";
"helpcrunch.prechatForm.name" = "Name";
"helpcrunch.prechatForm.email" = "Email";
"helpcrunch.prechatForm.company" = "Company";
"helpcrunch.prechatForm.phone" = "Phone number";
"helpcrunch.prechatForm.continue" = "Continue";
"helpcrunch.prechatForm.top-message" = "We respond within 2 minutes most of the time. Otherwise, we'll drop you an email.";
"helpcrunch.chat.waiting-message" = "Searching for a free agent. Please hold on.";
"helpcrunch.chat.message-placeholder" = "Type message";

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