Send proactive chat auto-messages with JS API

Trigger auto messages based on your events
Written by Konstantine
Updated 4 months ago

Sometimes you need to send a proactive chat auto-message after a user does some custom action on your website or when proactive chat rules are just not enough to meet some complex conditions. In these cases, you can trigger a proactive chat auto-message with JavaScript by calling sendProactiveChatAutoMessage method.

All you need to know is your proactive chat auto-message ID. You can view it after you have created the auto-message at the header of its editing page (like “Edit Auto Message (ID 44185)”):

For example, if auto-message ID is 44245, you can fire it by code:

HelpCrunch('sendProactiveChatAutoMessage', 44245);

If you want to create a proactive chat auto-message that will be triggered only by JavaScript API call, you should choose radio button “Launch only with widget API” in “Proactive chat rules” section at the bottom of the auto-message create/edit page:

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