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Balance the load between team members
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We offer different chat assignment options for better flexibility and for you to handle high numbers of chat requests easily and evenly.

If you have more than one person in your team handling chats - we recommend creating a department. In the department settings, you'll find that you can assign chats:

Manual chat assignment

It's as simple as it sounds. All new chats come unassigned to your shared inbox. First person who writes any word to a chat - is assigned to it automatically and then can re-assign chat to another team member or department manually. 

Round robin

Round robin load balancing is a simple way to distribute client requests across a group of employees.

In a nutshell, client requests are forwarded to each agent in turn. For example, imagine you have three agents, Sara, Tom, and Paul.

  • The first request is sent to Sara.
  • The second request is sent to Tom.
  • The third request is sent to Paul.
  • The fourth request is sent again to Sara and so on...

The load balancer continues passing requests to agents based on this order. This ensures that the load is distributed evenly to handle high traffic.

If a new chat is assigned to the agent which is unavailable or busy, it can be automatically re-assigned to the next team member after X minutes. If none of the agents in the department responded to the chat - it stays unassigned (to avoid infinite assignment loop). 

To last assigned person

A chat will be assigned to a team member who was assigned to the last chat of this customer. Chats from new customers will need to be assigned manually.

Works only within a specific department. Same chat that comes to another department might be assigned to another person, as each department has its own assignment rules

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