Use saved responses in chat

You can save your responses in HelpCrunch and use them to quickly reply to typical requests.
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People often ask the same questions, so you can build a list of common answers and just pick the right response when needed. This lets you save time and surprise customers with swift reaction.

Add saved responses

Of course, you can use available templates but with time you’ll notice what questions are asked most frequently by your customers and will add answers that suit best your context. To add a new response:

1. In Settings → Saved Responses click on Add new button at the top right-hand corner.

2. Type the response text in the box and assign it a tag for quick search. Done!

Alternative ways of adding saved responses

When you send a nice message to your client, loved it and feel like saving it for the future, simply open its context menu and choose "Save response"

User attributes in saved responses

You can paste user attributes e.g. {first_name}. To add an alternative option for the user attribute use: {first_name, "there"}. It's the bes option in case if of annonymous users, when you don't have users' first name and want to replace it with any other work, like "Hey Kevin" will be replaced by "Hey there", in case of anonymous user.

Calling saved responses in agent chat

When you need to quickly paste one of saved responses during a chat, just type the # symbol in the text field to quickly find the reply that fits the context. Alternatively, you can press the corresponding icon and search through all of your saved responses.

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