Mark your contacts with custom tags

Create as many custom tags as you need and mark every your clients, leads, and prospects for quick search and reference.
Written by Konstantine
Updated 2 years ago

In HelpCrunch, you can create custom tags — e.g Lead, Important, Demo, Follow-up, Bug report, etc. Tags will be displayed in the sidebar of the chat window under the 'Tags' section and will help you quicker understand and prioritize each issue.

How to create and assign tags

To assign or remove a tag, open the 'Tags' section and click the 'Search and add tag' field. You'll see a drop-down menu with all the tags you've already created.

At the bottom of the drop-down list, there will be the 'Create new tag' button. Once you press it, you can type in the name and assign any color for your new tag.

How to edit or delete an existing tag

If you want to edit your existing tag, just hover the mouse over it to see the corresponding pencil icon there. Click it to see the same window where you can change the tag's name and color as well as the 'Delete tag' button.

How to search for contacts by their tags

If you want to find all the contacts with a given tag, you can navigate to the 'Contacts' section and click the 'Add criteria' button in the left sidebar there. 

You'll see numerous filtering options there including filtering by tags. Choose any tag from the drop-down menu to search for contacts by their tags.

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