How to install HelpCrunch on your WordPress website

If your website is based on WordPress, you can easily integrate it with HelpCrunch and start chatting with your visitors in a flash.
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General information

Installing HelpCrunch on your WordPress website allows you to:

  • Engage with visitors and customers in real time via live chat
  • Connect messaging apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and Viber, to HelpCrunch widget for efficient conversation management in a unified shared inbox
  • Provide self-service support with an integrated knowledge base
  • Generate leads and increase customer engagement with popups, chatbots, and other automations
  • Leverage HelpCrunch's email marketing tools to further engage leads and customers
Basically, to add HelpCrunch to your WordPress site, all you need to do is install and activate HelpCrunch WordPress plugin.

Below we provide the most popular ways to install HelpCrunch depending on whether you use or for your website.

Installing HelpCrunch on

To set up HelpCrunch on your website, you need to install and activate the HelpCrunch WordPress plugin.

If you use, you must be on at least a Business plan to install custom plugins. If you need to upgrade your WordPress account, follow these instructions.
You may decide to migrate your website from to a free and open-source Here's a simple guide that can help you.

So, how do you integrate HelpCrunch with your WordPress-powered website?

STEP 1. Log in to your WordPress account.

STEP 2. Go to Plugins, type 'helpcrunch' in the search bar, and choose the HelpCrunch plugin from the search results.

Finding the HelpCrunch live chat plugin in the WordPress dashboard

STEP 3. Install and activate HelpCrunch plugin.

Activating the HelpCrunch WordPress plugin

STEP 4. Go to Plugins → Installed Plugins and find HelpCrunch plugin there. Click on Settings and follow the instructions in the Setup section.The HelpCrunch WordPress plugin settings

STEP 5. Now you can go and visit your website.

Visit site from

STEP 6. Make sure HelpCrunch widget appeared on your WordPress website.

HelpCrunch chat widget on a website

Important note:
If you are using WordPress caching plugins, like 'WP Super Cache', 'WP Rocket', 'Hyper Cache', or similar, you may need to clear your website cache after installing HelpCrunch.

Installing HelpCrunch on

HelpCrunch WordPress plugin

Recommended installation method.

For most people, the simplest option to install HelpCrunch on is to use HelpCrunch WordPress plugin. The process for and websites is pretty similar. Refer to the instructions above.

Manual installation via WordPress Theme Editor

If you're not familiar with the Theme Editor, we recommend reading this guide first.

Another option is to paste the HelpCrunch JavaScript code snippet into the footer.php file using the built-in WordPress Theme Editor.

STEP 1. Log in to your HelpCrunch account.

STEP 2. Go to Settings → Channels → Website Widgets and choose the widget you'd like to install on your WordPress website.

HelpCrunch widget installation

STEP 3. You will be redirected to the Installation page. Select I'll install HTML code myself on my website installation guide and copy the code snippet from the HTML box.

HelpCrunch widget installation code

STEP 4. Log in to your WordPress account.

STEP 5. Go to Appearance → Theme Editor, then find and open Theme Footer (footer.php) file in the right Theme Files panel. Paste the copied HelpCrunch code snippet right before the closing </body> tag. Click on Update File button.Pasting HelpCrunch widget installation code into footer.php

Now you can go and check your HelpCrunch widget in the bottom right corner of your website.

HelpCrunch chat widget on a website

Important note:
Any modifications you make to files using WordPress editors, including Theme Editor, are instant. The changes occur online and in real time. You and your website visitors will see the changes immediately right after the file is updated.

If you have any questions just hit us a message in chat and we’ll help you out.

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