How to install HelpCrunch on your app (for logged-in users)

If you want to integrate HelpCrunch with your app and provide a seamless experience for your logged-in users, this guide is for you.
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Authenticated users

Authenticated users are all users available in HelpCrunch 'Contacts' section.

1. If you enable the User Authentication mode, all registered/logged-in users will automatically fall into the 'Contacts' section even if they had no chats conversations with you.

2. Users who had chat conversations with you are considered authenticated if they've filled in a pre-chat form and sent you at least one message.

3. You can also import contacts from a CSV file and make them authenticated as well.

What is the User Authentication mode?

User authentication mode provides a seamless experience for businesss and customers across different devices and web, iOS and Android platforms.

What it does is lets you keep all interactions with each customer in the same chat thread, no matter what device they've logged in from. It also makes sure that one user can’t impersonate another, which is why we strongly recommend to enable the User Authentification mode.

The most common usage of the User authentication mode is to integrate it with your registration/login system.

You can install HelpCrunch chat widget on your landing page or website to talk to your visitors and then integrate it with your service and use as an in-app messenger to support your registered users.

Once your visitor registers/logs in to your service and gets their personal User ID in your database, you can enable the User authentication mode for that user.

Here's how to enable the User Authentification mode

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