FAQ: Why are my iOS push notifications not working?

This checklist will help to find and fix the issue
Written by Andrew
Updated 2 years ago
  1. First things first. Review our developer documentation to make sure you enabled push notifications properly
  2. Make sure you generated push certificate properly.
  3. Check if Push notifications are enabled on your test devices. 
  4. Make sure you're testing it correctly. Unload your app from the phone memory, Send a message from the HelpCrunch web dashboard and check if the notification is delivered. Do not test wit the app on screen, as notification isn't displayed if the same chat conversation is currently open . 

Common issues

The most common issue with push notification is often related to the .p12 certification. Make sure that you’ve uploaded the correct .p12 file for development/production push modes. And check this help article.

Additionally, check:

  1. If password entered is correctly.
  2. Expiration date of the certificate.
  3. Apple’s troubleshooting guide.
  4. When creating the .p12 file, be sure you are exporting the whole public certificate, not just the private certificate which is inside it.
  5. Recreate .p12 again from scratch, re-upload, and see if this resolves the issue.

Still have a trouble with push notifications, please feel free to chat with us.
Be sure to include your relevant code snippets, HelpCrunch SDK version, steps to reproduce the bug, and all other details and screenshots of the trouble you’re experiencing. Our team is always happy to help! 

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