"Content Security Policy" errors in the browser console

Widget is not visible, the Knowledge Base does not appear on the widget start screen, or the messages are not displayed in real-time on customer-facing chat
Written by Konstantine
Updated 1 week ago

Issue #1

Even though the knowledge base is enabled in the widget settings, it is not appearing on the start screen.

Issue #2

Even though it's installed properly, the chat widget is not showing up on the website

Issue #3

Customers are complaining about the lack of real-time appearance of chat messages, often a page reload is required to see new messages.


1. Check the browser console for "Content Security Policy"-related errors like this:

sdk-code.js:2 Refused to connect to 'https://yourdomain.crunch.help/api/sdk/browser/knowledgebase' because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "connect-src 'self' 

2. If you use the "Content Security Policy" header on your website, make sure to add HelpCrunch domains to the list of exceptions:

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