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HelpCrunch notification settings

Be notified and never miss a chat
Written by Konstantine
Updated 3 months ago

In HelpCrunch, we provide different kinds of notifications about incoming chat messages. 

Web browser push and sound notifications

When you get a new message in chat, a browser push notification is displayed together with notification sound. This option is enabled by default, but if you're not getting these notifications, there are a few places to check:

1. First, go to the 'My Account' section in the bottom-left corner of your dashboard and check if

  • Do Not Disturb mode is turned OFF
  • Browser Notifications are turned ON
  • Sound Notifications are turned ON

2. Next important place to check is browser settings for the HelpCrunch dashboard. These settings may vary from browser to browser, but most frequently, they're located in the browser address bar next to the URL. Make sure they aren't denied here. 

Email notifications

To get an email about each incoming message in chat, you can enable email notifications in 'My Account' section in the bottom-left corner of your dashboard. (Make sure that Do Not Disturb mode is turned OFF)

Slack notifications

If you have enabled Slack integration, your team will be notified about incoming chat messages in a separate Slack channel.

Mobile push notifications

Mobile pushes are handy not only when replying on the go, but even in the office, as we tend to be with our phones always and everywhere. Simply download HelpCrunch app and check here how to set them up.

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