General settings

Custom email domains

Send emails from your own address

Written by Nick
Updated 11 months ago

Create different departments

Customer service departments allow you differentiate tasks between different units of your team. In HelpCrunch, you can create as many of them as possible.

Written by Ana
Updated 1 month ago

Invite new team members

Expand your team by inviting team members and assigning different roles and rights to them.

Written by Ana
Updated 2 years ago

Specify your operating hours

If your customer service team has a fixed work schedule, you can automate their workflow by setting operating hours.

Written by Artem
Updated 4 months ago

Automations & notifications

Assignment rules

Leave those manual assignments and tagging behind – the system will be at it in a smart and wise way.

Written by Nick
Updated 1 year ago

Notification settings

Get notified and never miss a chat

Written by Konstantine
Updated 1 year ago


How to start or change your HelpCrunch subscription

Free trials, subscriptions, and everything in between.

Written by Ana
Updated 1 year ago