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Track contacts data that matters
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You can create and track any custom data about your contacts, such as their subscription plan, the number of employees, next payment date etc. This data can be used for:

How to add a custom attribute for your contacts

To create a new attribute, go to Settings Contacts  Custom attributes and click 'Add new attribute':

Display name is a label for this attribute that will be displayed all around the dashboard.

Key is the unique id to update this attribute for a contact by Rest API, JavaScript API, iOS SDK or Android SDK. It can only consist of Latin letters, numbers and underscores. The field is case-insensitive.

Data type defines which type of data you want to collect:

  • String – sequence of any characters
  • Integer – integer number
  • Float – number with a fraction
  • Boolean – TRUE or FALSE
  • Date – date and time in Unix timestamp (e.g. 1633710581 = Friday, 8 October 2021, 16:29:41 GMT).

Description (optional) here you can add notes for your attribute. 

Display in contact profile allows you to hide this attribute from a contact profile on a chat page and a contacts list page.

Note that once custom attribute is added, you can't change the key and data type for it. 
The maximum length for string, integer and float values is 255 characters.
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